The Pesky Challenge of Evaluating AI Outputs

One of the things that has bothered me since the beginning of the AI conversation is that most of the discussions of using AI or LLM outputs contains some phrase to the importance of “evaluating the output to make sure it’s correct” or something along those lines.  Pretty much any responsible writing about AI contains … Read more

New Workshops!

So, it’s been relatively rare that my workshops are public offerings (open to anyone). That’s something I’ve been working to change, and now there are THREE new workshops available.  Two virtual workshops and one in-person offering.  I’ve also got some discount coupon codes for all you delightful folks, so feel free to reach out if … Read more

A little ChatGPT Adventure – Create an ID Curriculum

So a few weeks ago, someone posted a link to this video to one of my email lists. It’s from a youtuber who is using ChatGPT to learn things, and they had a series of prompts they shared to create a curriculum for learning to code in Python. It sounded downright amazing and magical. But … Read more

Getting into Instructional Design

Someone just emailed me about getting into instructional design. There are a number of programs and academies have have sprung up for this (of variable quality), but it’s always good to start with free resources while you are just exploring, so here are few things that are available. Connie Malamed created a free resource for … Read more

Visual Design Resources

Someone just DM’d me about visual design resources for learning, and I thought I’d share my best suggestions out a little more widely: First stop: Connie Malamed’s book Visual Design Solutions: Principles and Creative Inspiration for Learning Professionals. Connie’s Blog is also full of great visual design resources. If you want the deep dive into … Read more

New Book! Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change

My new book, Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change is available for pre-order! Book Description: What do you do when your learners know what to do but still aren’t doing it? Training is created with the goal of changing learners’ behaviors, but anyone who has created learning experiences knows that there’s a … Read more