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I help design learning experiences. I also deliver workshops, keynotes, and consulting for teams who want to create meaningful learning experiences.
-Julie Dirksen, author of Design for How People Learn
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Julie's DevLearn 2023 Schedule

Promotional graphic for DevLearn events featuring Julie Dirksen, a Learning Strategist from Usable Learning. Events include: Pre-Conference - Monday, October 23, 2023 P03 — Designing and Implementing for Behavior Change. Wednesday, October 25, 2023 108 — VR & AR for Behavior Change: Discover how AR and VR are revolutionizing behavior change through immersive experiences. Dive into the potential of immersive learning environments for reshaping behavior and explore ongoing research. Talk to the Elephant Book Signing: Meet best-selling author Julie Dirksen and obtain a signed copy of her book, 'Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change.' Thursday, October 26, 2023 610 — AI In Context: A Guild Master Panel: Gain insights on AI's role in L&D, delve into its ethical implications and understand its future impact on learning strategies. Participate in interactive discussions to understand the AI-driven future of organizational learning. The graphic also includes a portrait of Julie Dirksen and a cover image of the book 'Talk to the Elephant.'"

The Book: Design For How People Learn

Picture of Julie's Book, Design for How People Learn
“Frankly, this is the best book on learning design I've seen for the beginning designer, particularly those who haven't had the necessary foundations and experience. This is the quick start anyone designing learning should use to get to success the fastest.”
— Clark Quinn, Author and Learning Expert

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New Online Course Library

Sticky Learning Course Screencap

Design Better Learning features online coursework specializing in creating effective instructional experiences for Learning and Development professionals and Instructional Designers.

The first course, Sticky Learning – Learning Design for Attention and Engagement, is available now!

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About Julie

Julie Dirksen is a leading expert in instructional design, elearning, and behavior change. She's a frequent speaker at industry events, the author of one of the bestselling books on instructional design, and an Elearning Guild Guildmaster. Learn more →