Julie Deliverying a Behavior Change Keynote

Julie’s Speaking Superpower: Demystifying Complexities

The renowned author of the industry-acclaimed book Design for How People Learn, Julie is a dynamic speaker who makes scientific research about learning accessible, and transforms complex learning concepts into engaging and relatable experiences for audiences worldwide. ​

Her worldwide speaking experience extends to a diverse range of settings, including corporations, international NGOs, industry conferences, and higher education institutions.​

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Entertaining and Science-Backed
Learning Journeys

Julie’s presentations are a fusion of engaging storytelling and rigorous scientific underpinnings. She incorporates humor, anecdotes, and real-world case studies to illustrate key learning principles, ensuring that audiences not only understand the “what” but also the “why” behind effective learning strategies.​

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Empowering Audiences to Become
Learning Champions

Julie’s goal is for audiences to leave feeling more knowledgeable, capable, and able to take action to design better learning.

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Supporting Real-World Application

With decades of hands-on experience doing the nitty gritty of designing learning experiences for a wide variety of fields and industries, Julie gives attendees practical guidelines for how to apply what they are learning right away.

Best options for keynotes:​

  • Talk to the Elephant: Designing Learning for Behavior Change​
  • Motivation and Learning​
  • The Science of Attention and Engagement for Learning​
  • Strategies for Complex Skills Development​
  • Gap Analysis for Learning Design – Ensuring Your Learning Solution Fits the Need​
  • Systems Thinking & Learning Design​

Other available topics​:

  • Agile Evaluation and the Feedback Loop​
  • Creating and Supporting Behavioral Habits ​
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) for Behavior Change – What the Research Says​
  • Why Your Brain Loves Video Games, and the Implications for Learning​
  • User Experience (UX) for Learning​

​For longer descriptions of these topics, see this Google doc.