New Book! Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change

My new book, Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change is available for pre-order! Book Description: What do you do when your learners know what to do but still aren’t doing it? Training is created with the goal of changing learners’ behaviors, but anyone who has created learning experiences knows that there’s a … Read more

Design For How People Learn, Second Edition

Hey Folks — the second edition of Design For How People Learn is now out! It came out right before the end of the year.  I’ll be updating the website this week. Design for How People Learn, 2nd Edition What’s different? The first edition content is still mostly there.  I expanded on a few points … Read more

One More Book – Visual Design Solutions

Hey folks, I’ve got another book to share. Connie Malamed is a lovely friend and colleague who has done quite a bit on visual design (including Visual Language for Designers), and now she has a new book written specifically for Learning Professionals: Visual design isn’t the first important skill an instructional designer needs, but it … Read more

The Best New Learning Book

The best new learning book doesn’t exactly look like a learning book, but trust me on this one, folks.   As I may have mentioned a few times in the past, Kathy Sierra’s stuff is FANTASTIC and this new book is no exception. I realize that nothing on the cover says “Learning & Development” exactly, … Read more

Design For How People Learn in Chinese

So, apparently there’s a chinese version of Design For How People Learn, which is delightful.   Apparently when you take a Cammy Bean quote, translate it into Chinese, and then let google translate turn it back into English, you get this marvelous wisdom: ‘If you let me fall in love with a book, then I … Read more

What’s your best design advice?

Peachpit (my publishers) are doing kind of a cool little series of posts on the Best Design Advice You Ever Got. Click here to see my entry: What’s the best design advice you ever got? (Artwork is courtesy of Judy Unrein, the Awesome color is courtesy of Crayola, and quote is from Alex Hillman via … Read more