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Why Academic Publishing is Destroying Civilization

Okay, yes, I am overreaching in the title of the post, but it was satisfying to write that because I am so massively frustrated by this.  The question is this: academic publishing – who thinks this model works? I was reading this blog post, and found myself nodding a lot I was trying to … Read more

Best e-Learning Blog that isn’t an e-Learning Blog

I follow a whole lot of e-Learning blogs, and they typically cover topics like web 2.0, social media for learning, e-Learning technology, the state of the industry, etc.  Once in a while, they do tackle interesting, chewy e-Learning design questions (but not as often as I could wish for). Where I do consistently find conversations … Read more

Why are people so dumb? (Cognitive Biases)

Bob Sutton (author of the excellent Hard Facts on evidence-based management, and other books) has had a few great posts recently on intuition, self-knowledge and cognitive bias (among other things): In Flawed Self-Evaluations he talks about people’s tendencies to overestimate their own knowledge or skill, and that the less they know about an area, the more … Read more

Five Fav Research Studies

I’ve got (several!) longer blog posts in the works, but here’s a quickie in the mean time. There are a couple of research studies that I find myself telling people about fairly often (and I’m not the only one — most of them have been written about other places), so I thought I would compile … Read more