LxD – Learner Experience Design Slides

Hey folks, here are are the slides from my presentation at Learning Solutions.  The presentation was focused on some of the things instructional design can learn from User Experience Design.

3 thoughts on “LxD – Learner Experience Design Slides

  1. Thanks for posting this. Very nice deck. I really would like the LxD title to stick. I, for one, would waaay rather go by ‘Learning Experience Designer” than dusty old instructional desiger. LxD is far more descriptive of what it is I feel like I do.

  2. Great preso Julie! Coincidentally, I’ve been using The Elements of User Experience model you’ve shown here in my approach on a Learning Design project I’ve recently completed.
    So yes, I completely agree with you, how learners interact with learning tools has an enormous impact on learning effectiveness.
    It’s really a case that if you build it ‘right’ people will learn in contrast to a good deal of learning tools that are really just information dumps with little thought about how people will use them.
    LxD – sounds good to me!

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