Gameful Webinar – Recording

The recording of the webinar that I did for the Gameful folks has been posted – it’s available  here:

We wound up with a troll in the room towards the end, who kept posting links to -erm- unsavory sites, so be careful about clicking links in the chat (The ones in the actual presentation slides are safe).  Made for a slightly odd experience.

Slides and links can be found here:

Gameful Webinar

Hey — what are you doing on Sunday?  I’m doing this:

The concept of Flow has gotten a little overused in game design, but there are still useful insights and subtleties that can be applied to experience design.  And, it’s free! And we’ll look at a PET scan of your brain on Tetris! And, it’s free! And, we’ll play Plants vs Zombies! And, free!

More info here: