I’m on a Quest


I’m on a quest for good learning game engines.  When I do talks about games for learning, I always get the question:

“I/we thought that was great! I/we are a 1/2/3 person team, and we just have an lms guy/part time web developer/high school student using dreamweaver/old copy of powerpoint.  How do we do learning games?”

And it’s always hard to know what to tell them.   A quick look around either suggests up Jeopardy-clones or fully 3D rendering engines most appropriate for learning how to spot IEDs in Baghdad.

So, I am looking for learning games that:

1) Do not require a full blown programmer (some technical aptitude is okay)

2) Do not cost a gazillion dollars (preferably a license that is <$1500, ideally a lot less)

3) Are not game-show themed (I like Jeopardy as much as the next trivia geek, but it strips all the context out of the learning experience)

4) Is web-delivered (LMS enabled or SCORM compliant is too much to hope for, I know).

Any ideas?  I think this going to take a while, and intend to review stuff as I find it.