Workshop: Learning Design for Behavior Change

Make use of the latest behavioral science research to create more effective learning.

Learning design is often seen as showing people how to do the right things. Actually getting them to change their behavior can be another challenge, particularly with those hard-to-control behaviors and habits that everyone struggles to avoid, despite the wealth of available information about better choices.

Behavioral design is a rapidly evolving discipline drawing from the research and science behind behavior change, including techniques from the fields of neuroscience, behavioral economics, behavioral psychology, persuasive technology, and habit formation. Most training has the goal of changing behavior but isn’t drawing on behavioral science to be more effective.

In this workshop you’ll explore the research and science behind real behavior change. You will look at what learning designers can learn from each of these disciplines and how you can use technology as an effective behavior change tool.

Who is it for?

Any level of instructional design or content expert can benefit from understanding this topic better. The class does assume a base level knowledge of the instructional process but can be adapted for other audiences.

What does it include?

This updated workshop will focus on:

  1. diagnosing the behavior change challenge,
  2. matching the problem to appropriate solutions, and
  3. creating an implementation plan.

You will leave this workshop understanding the psychology, methods, and motivations of behavior change that are becoming an increasingly necessary part of a learning designer’s toolbox. You will learn:

  • How to identify and understand the barriers to behavior change
  • Research-based methods to design solutions that not only inform learners but also inspire behavior change
  • How to use specific models and techniques for designing a change effort
  • How to design and implement a behavior change strategy

What is the format/schedule?

  • Full day in-person workshop
  • Two virtual sessions (3.5 hours each) or four virtual sessions (2 hours each)

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