Workshop: Instructional Design Basics

Learn the key instructional design skills to design for how people learn.

Many people find themselves asked to do training because they are good at their jobs or have a large amount of domain knowledge. This workshop can help jumpstart their instructional foundations, so they can design effective learning experiences.

Who is it for?

This workshop is aimed at new instructional designers, or designers who wish to level up their practice.

What does it include?

The workshop includes an overview of key instructional design skills and practices, including how to:

You will learn how to:

  • Conduct user analysis, and how to incorporate that into your design.
  • Write bulletproof learning objectives.
  • Analyze content to determine the best learning approaches.
  • Use our knowledge of human memory and cognition to create effective, engaging learning.
  • Design for knowledge, skills, procedures, habits, and motivation.
  • Construct a blended learning solution.
  • Design learning activities using scenario-based learning and creative interactivity.
  • Prototype and storyboard eLearning solutions.
  • Do effective evaluation of learning solutions.
  • Incorporate game principles and user experience practices into your elearning development.

You’ll get to practice designing solutions and will leave with designs and ideas you can apply back on the job.

What is the format/schedule?

  • Two-day in-person workshop
  • Six virtual sessions (3.5 hours each)

The virtual schedule can be adapted depending on requirements.

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