Workshop: Designing for Skill Development

Prepare your learners for an increasingly complex and volatile world by developing learning experiences to build the complex skills required by modern organizations.

We keep hearing about the importance of “skills,” and that we need to address “skills gaps.” But how can you be sure your learning experiences are actually developing skills? As automation takes over simple procedural tasks, we need prepare workers for the complex skills required by organizations.

Training designers have a satisfactory set of options if the goal is information delivery or procedural training, but may have not the right tools for complex skill development, or for the not-so-procedural problems that show up more and more in our volatile workplaces.

Who is it for?

Any level of instructional design or content expert can benefit from understanding this topic better. The class does assume a base level knowledge of the instructional process but can be adapted for other audiences.

What does it include?

Frameworks from complexity science and the science of expertise development can help you diagnose these kinds of complex learning problems, and can help point to learning design strategies that can actually address and support complex skill development.  

You will learn how variables (like frequency of use, tacitness or explicitness, and level of automaticity) affect skill development. This session will address assessment strategies for complex learning as well. 

In this session, you will learn: 

  • How to diagnose a complex skill problem 
  • How to use complexity models such as the Cynefin framework for learning 
  • How to use alternative assessment and feedback strategies for complex learning environments 
  • How to use learner self-assessment as a tool for complex learning 

What is the format/schedule?

  • Full day in-person workshop
  • Three virtual sessions (2.5 hours each)

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