Workshop: Designing for Attention and Engagement

Use the science of attention and engagement to help learners get and stay engaged.

All of our learners today have so many things demanding their attention, it can be difficult to break through the noise and get their focused attention for a learning experience. There are also a lot of myths about our human attention span that make it difficult to design effective learning experiences.

In this workshop we look at the science of attention and engagement, and how to create learning that helps learners get and stay engaged. We debunk some of the myths around attention, and look at the modern realities of operating in our attention-besieged environments, both in person and virtual.

Who is it for?

Any level of instructional design or content expert can benefit from understanding this topic better.

What does it include?

  • An overview of the science of attention and engagement, including how memory and attention interact
  • A design framework for creating engaging learning experiences
  • A toolbox of strategies for promoting engagement
  • Before and after activities that help you transform your content

What is the format/schedule?

  • Half day in person workshop
  • Two virtual sessions (2 hours each) or a single 3.5 hour virtual session with a break.

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