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Workshop: Cut Through the Noise: Communicate Value Using Behavioral Science

With Julie Dirksen, Author of Talk to the Elephant: Design Learning for Behavior Change and Design for How People Learn

Use behavioral science to communicate value to your learners and stakeholders

We’ve all heard that you need to explain WIIFM (What’s In It For Me), but what happens if learners just aren’t listening? And what happens when stakeholders aren’t seeing the value that good learning design provides?

Often we communicate in ways that are vague, uncertain, unemotional, and not aligned with our audience’s pain points.  This just isn’t good enough to get through the noise and overload of our current attention environments.  Learn how to explain the value of your learning experiences in a way that cuts through the noise, using principles from behavioral science.

Who is it for?

Any level of instructional design or content expert can benefit from understanding this topic better, but this course is particularly aimed at learning designers who are struggling to engage learners, or trying to identify ways for stakeholders to understand the value that good learning design provides.

What does it include?

Participants will learn how to redesign their learner communication, using tools like:

  • A formula for how we really determine value
  • A toolbox of strategies for attracting attention for learners
  • A template for designing more effective communication
  • A procedure for testing the efficacy of your message

What is the format/schedule/cost?

  • Thursday, February 22, 2023 – 11:00 AM-2:30 PM Eastern Time (USA)
  • A single 3 hour virtual session (Zoom) with a 30-minute break (3.5 hours total)
  • Cost: $149

I’m partnering with the Learning Development Accelerator to offer this workshop, so you can register on their site.

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