Game Design for Learning

Resources on Game Design — only some of these are learning-specific or related to the development of serious games, but all are (in my opinion) useful to people creating learning.

Game Design Articles:


An excellent place to start with books is Raph Koster’s The Theory of Fun

Also, Jesse Schell’s Art of Game Design

Presentations and Videos:

One of the best game design resources is this series called Extra Credits, available on youtube.

Here’s their full game design playlist:

Here’s their playlist on games in education:

If you are interested in Gamification, the best resource (hands down) is Sebastian Deterding.  He’s really smart:
Meaningful Play – Getting Gamification Right
There is a lot more at his website and The Gamification Research Network
Another fascinating presentation is this slideshare about the making of Plants vs Zombies, which is a casual entertainment game.

This Blog

Here’s a link to all my other Game-related blog posts, which includes my presentations on the topic: