That pesky page 109 graphic

So one of the challenges of a print book is not just being able to *fix* stuff (and even fixing ebooks turns out to be more complicated than it should be).

So there are a number of typos that made it into the initial printing of the first edition, which is annoying but more embarrassing than anything else. Apologies if you have that copy.

There is one error, though, that is confusing.  It’s the pesky graphic in the book on page 109:

Here’s the image that should have been there:

Sorry about that.  The last draft of that chapter I saw had the right image, but – sigh – things happen in the furious run-up to the end of a project.

We tried to fix all the typos in the second edition, though I’m sure we missed a few (mea culpa!).

6 thoughts on “That pesky page 109 graphic

  1. Thanks for correcting the error. The graphic makes sense now. BTW, I like how you have a typo (“thought,” rather than “though”) right after you mention how embarrassing typos are.

    • D’oh! Thanks for the heads up on the typo — it’s fixed now (due to the magic of digital rather than print content).

  2. You must have sold enough books (congratulations), cause the graphic is correct in mine :). Love, love, love the book by the way. I am new to instructional design, more of a content writer now, but your book has helped me immensely. No joke, it is my second – Bible. Even sits on the night stand next to the first one!

    • Yes! Thanks Karen. There have been enough books sold for a few printings, which is delightful. I rarely see the old graphic in any books anymore, though I still check and fix them by hand if needed 🙂

      So, so pleased the book has been useful, and thank for commenting – it’s lovely to hear.

  3. The images (both corrected and original) remind me of the quote by Will Rogers:
    “It ain’t what we don’t know that gets us in trouble. It’s what we know that ain’t so.”

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