I can put on this tiara, but it won’t make me Wonder Woman (Gameification)

So, one of the biggest issues with games for learning, is that there’s this weird logic out there:

Games are fun + I made e-Learning that looks like a game = Therefore my e-Learning will be fun!Um…no, not necessarily…

As I allude in the title of this post, I can put on the Wonder Woman costume, but that doesn’t mean I can deflect bullets:

(Lest this sound preachy, be assured I have fallen victim to this myself “I’m gonna put power-ups in this course, and it’s gonna be awesome!”).

But one of the beautiful things about the internet is you can find people who are way smarter than you to explain this stuff, as in this presentation about the issues with gameification from Sebastian Deterding (The menu button will let you run it full screen so you can read the small-print commentary at the bottom):

Found this via @hypergogue’s posts (which you can read here) about the Playful conference (really want to make it to that next year).