Best e-Learning Blog that isn’t an e-Learning Blog

I follow a whole lot of e-Learning blogs, and they typically cover topics like web 2.0, social media for learning, e-Learning technology, the state of the industry, etc.  Once in a while, they do tackle interesting, chewy e-Learning design questions (but not as often as I could wish for).

Where I do consistently find conversations about interesting, chewy e-Learning design questions is on Gamasutra – a gaming industry blog.  Few, if any, of those articles are actually about e-Learning (and, according to Patrick Dunn, they are on the other side from e-Learning, separated by a huge and uncrossable chasm.”).

Gamasutra does also cover topics like the industry, tools, etc., but they also have amazing things to say about e-Learning design.  Here are some of the best examples:

  • Funativity: Want to learn about how to motivate learners to engage with your e-Learning?
  • Persuasive Games: And you should read pretty much all of Ian Bogost’s columns on persuasive games. Really.

Frequently, Gamasutra does deal explicitly with games for learning, and it’s a beautiful thing:

(This more or less goes with my previous post about the Acagamic – another great site about e-Learning that isn’t about e-Learning.  Go there too).