ID Webcomic #4 – What’s the route like?

So there have been a few hundred folks coming to the blog the last couple of days for the last ID Webcomic I did, and I realized it’d been over a year since I did one of these (Btw – Hi to all the new visitors <waves>.  Delighted to see you.  What brought you all here?  I’d love to know, if you’d care to mention in the comments).

This is one that I was working on for the book I’m writing (more on that in coming months), but since I had it, I thought I’d post it here.

Sorry about the font size – it was more readable before wordpress got its file-compressy hands on it. You can click on the individual panels to see bigger versions of the images.

Can your learners see the goal?  Can they measure their progress along the way?

More info here: