Behavior Research Links

So, I was just talking to someone interesting in doing user research for behavior change, and I put together a set of links for her.  I thought it was a useful list, so also posting it here:

This is a nice collection of resources about UX User Research, including a list of people to follow:

Virtual Chainsaws (When it’s not a knowledge problem)

Just wrote a piece for the Research for Practitioners series over at Learning Solutions Magazine on some really fascinating research at the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab.  It’s crazy interesting research, and it involves virtual chainsaws, behavior change and crafty research techniques. What’s not to love in that?

Go check it out here: Research for Practitioners: When It’s Not a Knowledge Problem


Ridiculously Smart Stuff on Behavior Change

So I’ve probably mentioned in the past that Sebastian Deterding is one of my professional crushes.  I’ll try not to gush excessively, but he’s really smart.

Here’s his latest slideshare on research for behavioral change, and it’s fantastic stuff:

The MAO Model: Research for Behavior Change.

He’s got some interesting critiques of the rider / elephant metaphor (from Jonathan Haidt’s Happiness Hypothesis) which I’m really curious about.  I’ve used that metaphor a lot, and I think it’s useful for learning design, but I’ll definitely investigate his points — for example, he points out that shifting all the emphasis to the elephant isn’t the right strategy either (I’m sure that there’s a lot that isn’t in the slides — will have to see if there’s a recording of the talk).