Nerdy Shop Talk Videocast

So it’s been pretty quiet here on the blog, but that’s because we have been hard at work on several different things.

One of them is HAPPENING this Thursday March 14th at 2PM ET/11AM PT

Tracy Parish and I are starting a new videocast series in conjunction with the Elearning Guild, called Nerdy Shop Talk.

Like many of you, Tracy and I have found that some of our most valuable learning happens when they are talking to other learning designers and discussing new trends,  issues, or challenges they have. These could be hallway conversations at conferences, or email exchanges, or web calls.  We thought it might be interesting to have some of these conversations where others could listen in or ask questions.

Basically, it’s a chance to eavesdrop on experts getting nerdy 🙂

Here’s the description of our first episode:

Episode 001: The Research Rabbit Hole – How do you help people with research-based practice? With Jane Bozarth, Patti Shank and Clark Quinn.
We know that it would be better if people were using solutions that were based on the best knowledge that we have from the academic research, but that can be hard to do.  It’s not realistic for a busy practitioner with a full-time job to also keep up with all the academic journals and research studies.  So how do we help people with that?
Come join us at:

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  2. Thank you for sharing this discussion about bringing research into practice! In the show you noted posting the list of recommended books. Can you please send that to me?


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