Libraries and Hyperbolic Discounting and Carrots

So I’ve been blogging, just not here:



For ASTD, I wrote about why we aren’t in the information delivery business anymore (and what we can learn from Museums and Libraries):

For Allen Interactions, I wrote a guest blog about hyperbolic discounting, and why creating a feeling of immediacy is a necessary instructional design skill:

For Inside Learning Technologies, I wrote about our responsibilities for motivating learners (and why it’s not just about carrot-like rewards):

(The last one is based pretty heavily on a blog post that was posted here a while back)

And, as a bonus link, I was reminded of Cathy Moore’s L&D manifesto the other day, and I think I should just link to it weekly because it’s that great. I can take no credit for this one, other than to say “Yeah! That!! YEAH!”:

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