Learning Experience Digest (Come Play)

When I initially got interested in neuroscience and cognitive psychology (4-5 years ago), I was poking around the interwebs, finding articles and whatnot.  Some useful, some not, but pretty much all secondary sources.  And, let’s face it, primary sources were beyond me — at the time I could no more have picked up and understood a paper about written about an fmri study than I could’ve one written in Latvian (mighta done better with the Latvian, actually).

Then I found Cognitive Daily [cue heavens-parting sound effect] which did a lovely job of taking peer reviewed articles and translating them into accessible write-ups that I could understand. Bliss!

Sadly, it’s defunct now, but there are lots of other similar blogs out there in the cognitive sciences doing similiar kinds of things.

There seems to not be an equivalent in the learning sciences, though, and despite a love of evidence-based practice, keeping up with that evidence is more than any one person can handle.

So we are starting one.  The Learning Experience Digest.

And you should come play.  The more people involved, the  more research-y goodness for everybody.

If you are interested in either contributing or reading, hie on over to


where Simon Bostock has been doing all the heavy (organizing) lifting so far.

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