Five Fav Research Studies


I’ve got (several!) longer blog posts in the works, but here’s a quickie in the mean time.

There are a couple of research studies that I find myself telling people about fairly often (and I’m not the only one — most of them have been written about other places), so I thought I would compile a quick list here:

1. The Iowa Gambling Task (IGT) – what do you know before you know you know it? Recent description here:

2. Praising effort – Carol Dweck’s study on praising effort vs. praising innate or fixed abilities – it’s described early in the article here:

3. Wolfram Schulz study on how the (monkey) brain processes anticipation – referenced in this great article here:

4. Cake or Fruit Salad – the impact of cognitive load on willpower.  Short description of the study here:

5. Why can’t we choose what makes us happy? (not totally satisfied with the reference on this — I’ll try to track down a better one)

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