22 thoughts on “ID Webcomic #1 – Working with SMEs on Content

  1. Excellent illustration of a disfunctional Designer/SME interaction. I particularly like the fact that the Designer was able to walk away with his career intact. Apparently the power structures are rightly aligned in Joe’s organization.

  2. this did a great job at illustrating the ISD’s toughest mission.. to give the learner something that they WANT to take with them… bravo

  3. Love it! I can’t believe how you managed to describe in this one simple comic what my partners and I keep trying to explain. Our biggest goal: how to make just-in-case learning/content *feel* more like just-in-time.


  4. Thanks for sharing this on Twitter Kathy. Great visual aid for writers, but especially for managers who think “just put it in the manual” is a good enough experience for their users. 🙂

  5. What a great and simple example of a solution to a non-existent problem! This is another take on “no pain, no gain”! Without a desired outcome (whether pain reduction or pleasure increase), there is no basis for evaluating whether any offering gains distance towards it.

  6. I’ve had to sit in some lectures where the professor dumps a lot of information… Initially I would be trying to organize and summarize what is being said, but soon give up saying “what the heck”.

    Great illustrations ! Love them !

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  8. Superb Depiction !
    I have also seen that …
    ” If you dump too much content on the participant, the participant dumps you!” Dr Palan…

    better to be lean, than sorry!

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  10. Julie,
    As everyone else has already said, This is GREAT! You captured the issue so succinctly and in such a fun and engaging way. Thanks for that! I’m already thinking about how I can use this.

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