It’s a Process, not an Event…


I really like this idea of using email as a tool for orienting new employees:

When I was doing e-Learning consulting, new hire orientation projects always made me nuts.  Basically, there were no behavioral objectives, and it was always tempting to firehose the information.   Just like you aren’t going to remember the names of those dozens of people you meet in the first couple of days, you aren’t going to absorb all that new information, particularly as so much of it was of dubious relevance.

But aside from new hire orientation, the idea that an intervention should be time-distributed is so rare and yet so valuable.

3 thoughts on “It’s a Process, not an Event…

  1. Ah crud – the link to the email orientation post is dead |- |

    Do you possess any magics that might allow me to read this even though the link is dead?

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